Since 1974, Dobbs Ferry Youth Football, an orgranization run by volunteers, has provided boys & girls with the opportunity to develop into well-rounded individuals by learning the fundamentals of football & cheerleading. With an emphasis on good sportsman

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On this page, parents of players & cheerleaders can find important information & updates pertaining to the program:




2018 DATES

APRIL 1 - Registration begins

AUG. 13 - First Day of Tackle Practice

SEPT. 4 - First Day of Flag Football Practice

SEPT. 9 - Mandatory Scrimmage & League Weigh-In (Armonk; Byram Hills HS)

SEPT. 16/17 - Regular Season begins

TBD - Photo Day

OCT. 20/21 - Last Weekend of Regular Season

OCT. 27/28 - Playoffs - Week 1

NOV. 3/4 - Playoffs - Week 2 (Last Game of Season)

JAN. 2019 - End of Season Dinner


During registration, we will be asking parents to sign a 'Parents' Code of Conduct'. One thing we are going to make you aware of is the "24-hour" rule. This means that before you approach a coach regarding an issue, please wait 24 hours, so there are no "heat of the moment" discussions.
If the issue is not resolved soon after, you may bring the issue up to a DFYFB Board member. The Board member will then work with the coach to try to resolve the issue. Board Members can be found on the "Board of Directors" page.


**League rules state that all players MUST wear mouthpieces that are tethered to their helmets and they cannot be clear or white mouth pieces.

They must have visible color so the referees can see if they are in place. 

This is a must and any player not wearing this will be removed form field immediately.

**Only clear visors allowed on helmets.  No colored visors.

**Players need to attend a total of 9 practices (including camp) to be eligible for the first scrimmage. If not participating in the scrimmage, players must have 9 practices to play in their first game.
**Players need to practice 3 days with helmets only to become conditioned enough to add pads to their program.
**Once season starts, players must attend 2 of the 3 practices in a normal week to be eligible to play in the game that week.

We will be keeping track of attendance once practices begin & we will let you know whether your child is eligible to participate in the scrimmage or any games during the season.


3/4 Division:

Up to 95 Pounds- (Any position -skilled) - Offense -QB, RB, FB, SE, WB, TB, HB Defense – ILB, CB, S 

96-130 Pounds – (Non skilled positions )Marked with X on back of helmet – Offense – C, G,T,TE* Defense – DT,DG,DE (no longer using the term OLB)

131-140 Pounds – Can play Offensive RT and Defensive LT ONLY.  Marked with XX on back of helmet

 Defensive XX Player must be lined up on the 2nd player outside of the center can only go forward on the line and not drop back into pass coverage

Only one XX per team on the field at a time

141 and above – These are considered EX (Exception Players).

They are treated like XX players in that they are only allowed to play the right offensive tackle or left defensive tackle position (line up over the tackle spot). However, they are limited to the time they are allowed to play in a game. 

EX Player Eligibility - Coaches must discuss the playing time prior to the game. The head coach that has the EX player must contact the opposing coach to inform him of the EX player and make sure the opposing team has a player that can “match up” size and/or talent wise against that player. This can either be an EX player or an XX player who is almost the same size and/or more talented (IE: he is capable of playing against an EX player).  

  • If the opposing team does not have this type of player, the EX player can be denied to play in that game.
  • If the opposing team has a player that can match up, then the coaches will discuss the time allotment this player will play.

EX players cannot start the game on offensive or defense. He must be used sparingly.

When entering the game, the head coach must notify the head referee and opposing coach.

If during the game there seems to be a sizable advantage by having this player in the game, this EX player cannot be asked to leave the game.

If the head coach or referee sees that this player is in danger of harming another player, the EX player will be told not to play. 

This means that if the EX player is allowed to play, but then the player is clearly dominating the other team and safety is a concern, he should be pulled.

If both teams have an EX player, both players must be pulled

Important Note - The point of this rule is to give EX players an opportunity on a game to game basis to play.  This should be spelled out not only to the player, but to the parents of the player prior to the beginning of the more playing time is not expected. Safety is the main concern and teams have the right to reject the EX player from playing if they do not have a player to match up.   The best way to insure an EX player gets to play is to be honest about his skills and contact the opposing head coach before game day.  

 *TE can be an X but cannot go out for a pass or catch a pass. A skill player non -“X” used as a TE can go out and catch a pass.


5/6 Division

Up to 115 Pounds- (Any position – Skilled)   Offense -QB, RB, FB, SE, WB, TB, HB    Defense – ILB, CB, S       

116-145 Pounds – (Non Skilled Only) Marked with X on back of helmet.  Offense – C, G, T, TE*  Defense – DT, DG, DE ( no longer using the term OLB)

146-160 Pounds.  Can play Offensive RT and Defensive LT ONLY   Marked with XX on back of helmet

Defensive XX Player must be lined up on the 2nd player outside of the center and can only go forward on the line and not drop back into pass coverage.

Only one XX per team on the field at a time

161 and above – Same as rule above in 3/4 division

*TE can be an X but cannot go out for a pass or catch a pass. A skill non x player used as a TE can go out and catch a pass.